The act of Totally Recalling somthing....ONLY JOKING!

Total Recall is in my opinion one of the best films to come out of the 80's. In fact, it really deserves to be atop the world of Sci-Fi movies but is undoubtedly shunned by the braindead critics who (sadly) shape/influence to opinions of today. People find that Arnold Schwarzenegger films are cheesy and therefore lack credibility in the eyes of "true" fans of film, however these idiots will find the money for the latest X-Men film on Blu-Ray.

Thankfully, Total Recall has retained a cult-status and continues to be enjoyed by many, many people.
by Deryntheman June 16, 2009
to recall, to remember something, usally nostalgic - hence the reference to sci-fi 'nold schwarz. Used during conversation when a memory comes up and needs to be shared immediately. Not used for the mundane i.e. 'can you total recall if we have any toilet paper at home?'

after one proper use between interlocutors, 'total recall' will be abbreviated to 'totes rec'.
Pee: ...or we could go looting

Poo: we'd be like omg do you total recall that time we looted all those fire victims' houses?

Pee: oh...totes rec all the sweet charred booty!... yeh but no.
by 3S74R March 14, 2009
Not to get confused with the expression tits, total recall is an exprssion refering to triple tits,which is when somethin is so great its better that tits, as in the woman from the movie
Ronald: Oh my god man did you see that midget do a backflip through the fire hoop into a pool of baby kittens

Frank: yea, that was total recall
by Ron Burgandy and Gold July 17, 2010
He performed a total recall
by john smith October 9, 2003
1. a game in which participants take turns enthusiastically singing along to famous pop songs that they have not heard recently. this typically involves making up new words.
Did you hear Alex doing total recall on that Elton John track? It was sick! Like ten times nuttier than the orig!
by txtmsg March 16, 2008
A Total Recall is when one has intercourse with a 'busty', 'athletic' and 'skinny' girl all in a row.
"I finally slept with a busty chick last night to complete my Total Recall."
by Ahhhnold March 22, 2010
The act of crushing an ammonia inhalent capsule and shoving it up an unsuspecting sleeping victims nose. ** Named after the scene in the popular 80's action film Total Recall, where lead character Douglas Quaid is asked to remove a tracking device from his brain through his nasal cavity.
As I approached the stop light, ammonia inhalent capsule in hand, I couldn't resist the need to Total Recall my shithead brother who'd fallen asleep a few miles back. Needless to say, he did not like it at all. Total Recalling FTW%
by Cbass2 December 25, 2011