When you invite all those who went out the night before to brunch trying to get the full story of what really happened
A: aah man i am so hungover , and i can't fucking remember how we ended up by our neighbors pool !

B:shit dude last thing i remember was these shots in the karaoke place

A: we need a "total recall" call everybody !
by Tito_T2 January 18, 2014
or TBR, when you trigger a memory of a woman because you remember what her tits looked like. Despite what women believe, some men (at least the ones that admire breasts, or "boob men") burn memories of a nice set of funbags into their brains, and can recall them photographically.
Girl: I can't believe that waiter remembered us, even though we've only been here once like 6 weeks ago...

Guy: he saw your rack and remembered you and (me) "that fat guy that needs a haircut". He was struck with total boob recall.
by Davester75 December 28, 2015
While sexing your significant other you choke them so hard their eyeballs pop out of their head like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s in the movie ‘Total Recall’
Man, I’d really like to Total Recall Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez… she’s already half way there!
by Crack152 September 24, 2021