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The very definition of a mixed blessing. On the one hand, 25GB of data storage and the ability to record four hours of high definition video, all on a disc the same size as a DVD or CD. On the other hand, DRMed to the teeth and boobytrapped to boot.
You don't think $750 for a Blu-Ray drive is too much, do you? I got some movies to make.
by January 07, 2007
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A new disc format made by Sony Corporation. It is primarily used to store High Definition video but it can also be used to store data like a DVD. Blu-ray uses a blue laser operating at a wavelength of 405 nm to read and write data. The small wavelength allows to store up to 200GB on a disc in 8 layer mode. A typical single layer blu-ray disc can hold 25GB. A popular video game console that uses blu-ray is Sony PlayStation 3.
Bob: "Do you have blu-ray?"

Tom: "NO. what's that?"

Bob "It's this new disc format made by SONY that can hold 25GB"

Tom: "so..."

Bob "It can hold HD content"

Tom: "Super cool"
by PC helper November 18, 2007
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What is most likely to become the next form of media. Blu Ray was developed by Sony so it will obviously be on the PS3! Some movies are already using Blu ray technology. Although Blu Ray is Currently not popular (may vary at time period of which you read this) there is still Blu Ray players available (lots of $).

Blu ray disks are basically the thing the will make DVDs obsolete. Like what DVDs did to videos. Each side oh a blu ray disk can hold 25 GB, and dual can hold 50 GB, and get this, they're making a quad-layered one with 100 GB.
Blu Ray + PS3 = lots of $ :(
by Is this name used? August 31, 2006
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Created by Sony
"Bag of hurt" according to Steve Jobs
"Blu-ray is just a bag of hurt. It's great to watch the movies, but the licensing of the tech is so complex, we're waiting till things settle down and Blu-ray takes off in the marketplace."
by Scott Salamander October 29, 2008
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What is most likely to become the next form of media. It's the be used on the next-gen consoles such as PlayStation 3, X-Box 2, but you just never know with Nintendo. Movies will probably be used for it as well, as they can also be recorded on them. A single side can hold 25 GB, and dual can hold 50 GB, and get this, they're making a quad-layered one with 100 GB. That'd make one fuck of a Grand Theft Auto game. Overall, in 3 years when somebody reads this, Blu-Ray will be well known. The acronym for it is BD, for Blu-Ray Disc.
Because blue lasers are thinner and more precise then the current red lasers, it's now possible to store more on a single disc. A Blu-Ray Disc to be exact.

... Why are you telling me this?
by Magic Hobo January 23, 2005
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One of Sony's new proprietary formats that is destined to fail.
The blu-ray is going the way of the betamax.
by Todd Edwards November 02, 2006
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