2 definitions by Ron Burgandy and Gold

When a woman wears a large pair of sunglasses to camoflague her unattractiveness
Harry: Damn that girl is sexy!

Willy: Yea but shes glass'n wait until she takes those things off

Harry: Eww gross

Willy: Bitches always be glass'n
by Ron Burgandy and Gold June 20, 2010
Not to get confused with the expression tits, total recall is an exprssion refering to triple tits,which is when somethin is so great its better that tits, as in the woman from the movie
Ronald: Oh my god man did you see that midget do a backflip through the fire hoop into a pool of baby kittens

Frank: yea, that was total recall
by Ron Burgandy and Gold July 17, 2010