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Tories is the colloquial word for supporters of the conservative party in the UK. Historically, the word Tory has also been used for those who support the British monarchy.

It is derived from the middle irish word "tóraidhe", meaning outlaw, robber and pursuit.

Its use is considered abusive, specially if it's used by opponents of the party.
They have been lifelong tories, so it's no suprise they supports the conservatives.
by Ernestine Lemmingway October 18, 2007
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(noun) Chiefly British. Term for individual with conservative ideals and/or membership of the Conservative political party. Typically a member of the privileged élite, typified in Parliament by old-Etonians groomed for Oxbridge and further successes in their well-fed, cosseted, self-indulgent lives. Tories (plural) tend to go through life blissfully unaware of the realities most people face. Underneath all the rhetoric policies are aimed at further creation of wealth amongst the affluent and disdain for classes considered 'below' themselves.
David Cameron was the iconic Tory.
by JamesCT April 26, 2006
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The word used to describe a member or supporter of the Conservative Party. Along the same line as toff as it really is used as a derogatory way to insult rich or stuck-up people who care for nothing other themselves and their tendencies to shoot wild animals
'Hello, who are you?'
'My name is Jeffrey and I am a Tory'
'A what?'
'A tory, a member of the conserv..'
'Shut the fuck up Jeffrey!'
by Charlie & Amy August 10, 2005
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1.The worst political party in the UK.Sorry, make that the world

2.Nasty People who act like the political party
1.Them Tories better not win the election this year

2.See Cooper or Condie
by David Richardson March 24, 2005
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The Tory party is the conservative party in the UK. They are a group of arse-holes, liars, dickheads, fascists, racists and hypocrites. They are a pigeon step to the left of a nazi in the political spectrum. If anyone encounters a member of the conservative party at any time in their lives, you have my encourage ment to walk up to them and punch them in the face. Torys moan about things that piss people off, despite being the reason those annoying things are that way. The Torys blame new labour for MRSA, even though the Torys were the ones to privitise NHS cleaning. The Torys blame immarants for high taxes and lack of council controlled housing, both the poll tax and the right to buy plan were voted in under conservatives. The list goes on for days, but the point i wish to make is this, i encourage you not to vote Tory, i also encourage you to make sure none of your friends let you vote Tory, these people will screw you over untill you are dead, then take on a more necrophiliatic approach.
"As a Tory, i plan to raise taxes, cut costs to health and education, privitise the only remaining government controlled businesses we didn't have time to sell you down the river for last time, percicute and victimise anyone not of anglo-saxon origin and then cut jobs untill our great nation is yet again begging on its knees because of our regien of terror. Have fun, im off to barabados, i sure hope i dont see any of those black people." - standard speech of the thatcharite
by Jack G. May 28, 2005
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posh people who think, because they have racist views, are a political party. Not quite the worst in the world as the bnp and america exist
tories are racist scum
by -indie-kid-- September 26, 2006
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