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Palladin is simply a misspelling of paladin, which is already an existing word. The word "paladin" means knight, or the champion of a cause. It has its roots in the latin word for palace, because certain knights were in charge of protecting the palace. "Palladin" on the other hand, isn't anything but a misspelling by a doofus who spends too much time in the basement playing WarCraft. It's a shame there are people who are too stupid to use a dictionary.
As a paladin for the English language, Tina pointed out that PJ was an asshat fucktard for believing his typos were real words. Like "palladin", for example. Not content to merely jack off in private, PJ then typed his mendacity into for the whole world to see, thereby depredating the usefulness and validity of the Urban dictionary. Thank god there are still paladins for intelligent thought.
by Joltin Joe January 27, 2007
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