to over-talk or contine to talk about the safe topic alot in a small time of space
The news continues to topicate about OJ Simpson and the real killer. I wanted to hear something different this week.
by MIDEVILPRO February 1, 2013
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Kind of a sub-title at message boards.
Make a topic about monkeys.
by hfs May 17, 2003
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A word used to pretend that a conversation has a point.
Topic: Chippy loves men!
by <HoBo>Jux January 1, 2005
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When a person is up to date with the trends, gossip and activities in modern society.
Joel: Hey C-dawg! Did ya hear about Brangelina's breakup?
Chad: Yeah, I'm heart-broken brother!
Joel: Man, you are so topic! That thang only happened just a week ago.
by Joel4prez December 19, 2016
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Something that is often strayed from. Especially if its at hobo forums.
omg you fackin newbs! stay on topic!
by Chippy December 28, 2005
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You’re a TOPIC If you are so crazy that people can have a conversation about how wack you are and it would last for hours. Pretty much, there’s a lot to say about u. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just means ur crazy and goofy.
Oliva; Elma did the funniest thing today!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Exavier; That girl is a whole topic.
by Elmo❤️ December 21, 2019
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Yo, what's the topic?
by 25IMF July 6, 2019
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