4 definitions by Chippy

Ballistic Energy Expansion (BEX) usually found in the centre of a chaotic tornado of accumalated bit and bobs that get dumped in a random location.
Take cover atomic fairy approaching on vector 4-5-7
by Chippy November 12, 2003
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Joyful Orgasimick And Naughtly frieNdly compAnion (JOANNA) A friend who you could trust with your boyfriend (or girlfriend) even if they came back with a smile on their face.
With a radiant glow I can tell you've been with the big fairy
by Chippy November 23, 2003
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Something that is often strayed from. Especially if its at hobo forums.
omg you fackin newbs! stay on topic!
by Chippy December 28, 2005
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having MAD skizzles (with an A!)
wow Alex you sure have mad skazzals in volleyball
by Chippy April 25, 2005
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