The place where one buys fish and chips.

Otherwise known as the Chip Shop.
I'm gonna get a fish supper at the chippy.
by Lambchops November 24, 2004
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The screaming baby from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job that has a moustache and a unibrow.
"Where's my Chippy?"

"There's my Chippy."
by Agent Marlow April 20, 2009
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Small addiction or habit. Usually drugs.
"Where's Mike?"
"It's Friday man and the kids got a chippy for the white powder"
by SleepNotNeeded October 20, 2007
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A code name for a secret of the celebrity Joe sugg. Joe refuses to tell his fans what the secret is until they learn patience.Fans are getting angry because he won’t tell them and some are even unstanning
Joe:you’ll find out what chippy is next week
Fans: we want to know now
Joe: because you were bold you’re not getting a sugg Sunday
by I’m an OG member of TD1SL March 10, 2019
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A cross between nippy and chilly referring to cold.
It's a bit chippy outside, aye boys?
by Dyldo Swaggins October 9, 2013
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a secret code for something but none of us know what it stands for because Joe sugg won't tell us what it is till next week although we were meant to find out last Saturday (10.3.19)
Joe: Three day until I pick up chippy and welcome him to the family

every one:WHO IS CHIPPY


by well kid March 10, 2019
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A name given to a disoriented sea lion that swam up the California Aquesuct almost as far as Los Banos.
Chippy was named after CHiPs by the CHiPs who were wondering what the heck to do with a sea lion in the desert-like west side of San Joaquin Valley, which is quite fitting since the CHiPs around Los Banos get disoriented too. So watch out for them on I-5, or they'll run you over!
by Downstrike January 23, 2005
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