A girl, who has no idea how beautiful she is. She's been through more shit than she deserves. She is the absolute most perfect person on the planet. No arguments. Everything about this girl is so amazing that she is sometimes thought to be an angel. She is the most beautiful girl to live on this planet. She will deny that, but it is a fact and everybody knows it. She is the kindest, most caring person ever, who will do anything to make you feel special. And she has the cutest laugh, smile, face, eyes, and is pretty much perfect in every way you can imagine and it hurts to not be around her because she is the most loveable person ever. There is nothing, and there never will be, someone like, Elma.
Have you seen that new girl named Elma? Isn't she breathtaking? (Cute boy saying that)
by Lizzerd 97 November 5, 2019
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Elma is the girl who makes you feel warm inside. Who, when you see her, gets your heart racing with a burning love and desire to be in a relationship with her. Her smile is what makes your day. You treasure every moment with Elma, because she is simply the most wonderful girl on Earth. She has a wonderful sense of humor, and beautiful Hazel eyes. Yet, you feel inferior to her, as if you could never be with her. She entirely out of your league, and maybe she is. But talking to her, and being her friend may be just as good as being in a relationship with her.
Person 1: Man, she is definitely an Elma. Just look at those Hazel eyes!

Person 2: And that smile..
by Hopelessly in Love November 25, 2012
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Elma is a Muslim name,it means "apple" on Turkish
⬆️Its self explanatory.

by 296244 June 27, 2019
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Elma is an amazing female who is sexy and beautiful. She pleases others in the bed and in public. She's not afraid to be a dirty dancer. She can be trusted with anything and mostly everything! she normally has brown silky hair and legs very long. She has brown eyes and any guy is lucky to have her because she is amazing in relationships. You'll love her!
You're lucky to have that elma!!
by Jaimeisawesome22 November 4, 2011
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Noun: An awesome auntie who, when consumes enough wine, has verbal diarrhea and swears like a sailor.

Verb: to swear a lot and have very bad verbal diarrhea.
1. *drinks lots of wine* "F*ck this f*cking sh*t, f*ck!" "Whoa, settle down Elma."

2. "F*CK!!!!!" "Dude, you just Elma'd"
by Nephew of a Wino September 7, 2010
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A small quaint town 30 miles west of Olympia, Washington. Here you will find a 1000-1 ratio of Right Winged badass' to Liberal bunny hugging hairy twat subaru driving stop the war emo fags. People here are down to earth, hunt, fish and don't give a shit that you scraped dub dueces on your cadillac. Nowhere here will you see a basketball jersey clad flat bill hat wearing wannabe.
C-Bo- Dude, you wanna go to Elma tonight?

Jermain- No dog, we are not allowed there... they don't like our kind.
by Russell T August 21, 2007
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Elma what to say more than a bookworm
Did u see that girl with tone of books?
Oh u meant Elma.
by Damnurmomisfine November 22, 2021
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