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The lowest form of person known to family friends and others as the same
Damn do I look like a Chris brown ? I can even sneak up on a glass of water at nighttime to get a drink
by MIDEVILPRO May 13, 2015
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The definition of these names in conjunction with itself is defined as the most Royal Of Royal. When combined this name as one equals greatness without parrellel on every platue known to man and alien. This name also has great powers and needs to be written and completed as one so all mankind and hero's will be able to redefine flawless perfection without parrellel and should not be mixed or confused with any other name in conjunction with ability of being great and maintaining complete flawless perfection as one defined name together. There are no two humans or aliens on earth or mars that will ever be able to achieve this level of Flawless Perfection in time since creation of man past present or future and should not be looked at as anything more than the HIGh of Most Highs or complete greatness together. This name is needed to be titled and lived upon from time here and forward to allow earth people and alien people to take serious note that these two names joined are a real force to be reckoned with and the love drawn from these two names will live for eternities to come for thousands of years. Love you Robyn ' Rihanna Ryan Fenty Geza Miskolczi
Today we were walking with someone extremely famous and popular and then we saw Robyn Ryan ' Rihanna Fenty Geza Miskolczi walking by and whamm like a brick wall so we left our friend who couldn't ever compare to these two love birds and began trying to take pictures with Robyn Ryan Ryan Robyn Rihanna fenty miskolczi Rihanna Fenty Geza Miskolczi as best we could but the croud kept blocking all the camera shots. Maybe next time well be able to get a picture with these two living legends icons and be able to see Flawless Perfection and Dream what it must be like to be like them
by MIDEVILPRO May 13, 2015
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to over-talk or contine to talk about the safe topic alot in a small time of space
The news continues to topicate about OJ Simpson and the real killer. I wanted to hear something different this week.
by MIDEVILPRO February 1, 2013
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