7 definitions by shmaters gee

engaging in intercourse usually to make babies, but can be used when talking about casual sex or to describe a slut.
That girl has so much make up on, her boobs are popping out, and her skirt is so short I can almost see up it. She totally wants to mate.
by shmaters gee April 12, 2009
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Someone who has so much dandruff it flakes out everywhere and looks similar to parmesan cheese.
Damn look at all that shit on your shoulders. You are a real parmesan head
by shmaters gee April 12, 2009
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When person 1 is woken up by person 2 yelling fire and squatting over them with person 2's bare ass. Person 1 immediately wakes up, lifting their head and especially nose into Person 2's ass crack. If done properly Person 1's nose will come out brown.
Person 2: FIRE FIRE
Person 1:*lifts head up*
Person 2: hahaha ooooh
Person 1: really dude? your fucking gross.
Person 2: You're the one who just nose dove into my ass crack
Person 1: Ohh the chinese fire alarm. A classic
by shmaters gee April 13, 2009
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The look someone gives you when they want to engage in intercourse with you; undressing someone with ones eyes.
That girl was totally giving me that fuckface. I'm going to go converse with her and see if i can't get some.
by shmaters gee April 12, 2009
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1.what your scrotum sack is when you apply marshmallow fluff to it.

2. soft things like animals that are cute and /or fun to pet
Mohammed Abdul WeepWeedWord got so drunklast night that he turned his scrotum into fluffballs. It took him an hour to get it off the next day.
That chinchilla is so cute. Its just a little fluffball.
by shmaters gee May 13, 2009
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To make a fool of or mess with someone; confirming that one is a tool
Me: Hi your four shirts all on top of each other with popped collars look awesome.
Tool: Yea I know. All the cool kids are doing it. Also bitches can't resist the popped collar. I'm getting laid tonight. *high five*
Me: I was being sarcastic. No one is gonna want to have sex with you. You look very silly. I was totally tooling you.
by shmaters gee April 12, 2009
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One who believes they are informed but are in fact being used either by society or mass media
A wigger ; Anyone who is a fan of britney spears ; a hammer; Someone who only owns clothes from Abercrombie and Fitch , American eagle, or hot topic; Goths; people who hang out at malls.tools
by shmaters gee April 12, 2009
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