A state in which a person thinks him or herself superior to everyone else in a given group or in general. Generally used sarcastically.
Ben Stiller: "You may think you're too cool for school. But I got a news flash for you...you AREN'T."
by Nick D November 3, 2003
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1. Overconfident, cocky, sadiddy or conceited.

2. Believing that you know everything to the point to where it can harm you or work against you.

3. To be too smart for your own good or too smart by half, meant either literally or ironically.

4. To be in a state in which you think you’re better than anyone else in general.

Sadiddy people are usually too cool for school.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant July 11, 2008
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Term used for a person who thinks they are somewhat superior to other people.
Tim R is too cool for school, look at his Warrick Cappa shoes!
by Ben April 5, 2005
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Ciaran-“you seen Charles’ new instagram post
George-“yeah, he is too cool for school
by Zwest47 May 29, 2021
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A student who is so cool that he/she is beyond the competition of being cool. It was mentioned once in a very popular sitcom.
Sarah is always absent. She is too cool for school.
by purplepizza January 30, 2014
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Also can mean someone who deliberately disobeys rules in a bid to look cool. Mainly used at school i think.
Boy1: Have you done any revision this holiday?
Boy2: No i just went out every nite
Boy1: Oooo...too cool for school
by flashermonkey April 13, 2004
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The ock in your typical local community college class who resists (in the classroom) expressing himself or liberally speaking to people unless called on. He is typically sleepy-eyed with perma-frown/stance and at any and every alloted break, this guy will jump on the cell phone and become a totally different person. see also total dick and indistinguishable.
Sally: That guy in our Chem class seems shy, I wonder if I should go talk to him?
Alex: I killed some vagrants last Tuesday.
by Fiesta Facelift August 13, 2005
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