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Uptight in an utterly conceited sort of way.
Someone who 'acts' as if they are completely superior towards/around another person.
Someone who's of the perception that they are 'better' (physically and mentally) than another.
"Me and Jen went to Saks the other day, she's a completely different person over there, actin all sadiddy"
"Yo, if you wanna roll and chill tonight we can do it, but don't try to be actin' all sadiddy around my homies"
"I am not goin' to the club with HIM","Stop bein sadiddy and lez' go."
by Neoprimal October 18, 2005
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conceited;thinking that your shit doesnt stink.
I saw Sally the other day and she was acting all sadiddy.
by Fred Johnson December 09, 2003
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yall gotta learn yo shit. sadiddy comes from sadistic. Sadiddy is a softer way to say it. Like beezy is to bitch. Sadistic means extremely cruel, so sadiddy means cruel or mean. Being conceited is only one way to be sadiddy. If yo chick is messin round behind yo back, thats some sadiddy shit. Dudes, tellin a chick you gonna call her after she gives you her digits and never callin, thats sadiddy.
"tonight its gon' be some changes, no acting sadiddy, so stop acting and get it clapping cause i'm knowing you feel me" -Baby Huey

"Girl why you actin all sadiddy in the club, telling yo chicks you dont know me?"

"No way girl, you dont wanna go for that dude, he all sadiddy, droppin chicks faster than stacks"
by Kellen Lucas February 29, 2008
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