what zach is everyday
teacher: who’s absent?
eva de bosss: zachs absent...
zach: bRo I sWeAr
by ozziebaby October 27, 2019
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The state of not being where you are supposed to be.
Yo cracka, that bitch is absent because she's workin' the streets.
by Josh July 16, 2004
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Incorrect spelling/reference to "absinthe," a distilled, highly-alcoholic beverage.
Idiot: I went on Urban Dictionary to define this crazy drink I had last night called "absent."

Idiot's friend: Dude, you mean "absinthe."

Idiot: I do?
by SpellingPoliceEU March 4, 2009
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1. My will to live

2. James Charles’ career

3. Hoe Hoe Siwa’s hairline
4. Danielle Cohn’s clothes
5. Dora’s fucking eyes; bitch don’t ask me if I see your map turn your sorry ass around and look for it yourself
I searched YouTube for a good Jacob Sagittarius music video but I just saw an absent screen

I stared absently at this bitch Karen who said that she doesn’t like The Office. Ya dumb whore.
by UrAFakeSnake July 16, 2019
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The feeling of the soul reaching its self happiness daily and thoroughly.

Most hippies who are stoned use this word out of conjunction without actually knowing the meaning..

Like the person writing this sentence right now.
Im in a complete absentation with myself man..

I love my life because I'm on a complete absentation right now.
by snarftastic June 7, 2010
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Something that I drank the other night that got me hella sick. If anyone knows what it is, please define it. Thanks.
"Hey, drink this."
"What is it?"
"Okay." Gross..
"Yeah, it's like drinking ecstacy."
by Tanzania August 25, 2006
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An alcolholic drink that can be the most Tasty stuff ever or the most potent shit on earth!!
Its made In a 5-gallon (ussaly a water) Jug, made with Captian Morgan Spced rum, Aple Cider viniger, Cherrys, And 7-up or Sprite or if you want to get fancy, Cherrypop! Faygo....You put all your Ingredients into your container (meurments depend on how you like it...i.e More cherrys and soda for sweetness and more viniger for that BURN) Then you have to put it in a basment or celler and let it sit for 4 MONTHS(very important) And DO NOT let light touch it (makes mold)
And if you happen to live in florida (or other low lieing areas) and dont have a basement or celler...I use a walk-in dark closet with a door...!
Oh just to let you know if dont drink alot you WILL NOT like this shit....
Kelley: Damn! how in the hell did Jamie drink all that fucking absent last night that shit must have burned!
Devinne:nnnahhhh it had tons of cherrys in it!
Brian: no I made it those chrerrys were put in after....
Devinne: damnit man!!
Kelley: I know her...she only did it cause it was filled with cherrypop! Faygo thats her faverite!!!
Kelley: i would have done it but that shit taste horrid! its like an infection waiting to happen!! 4 mother fucking months!!
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