1. An economic system where in theory goods and services are determined by supply and demand.
2. A common term for the items outside of charity bins.
3. A store where you can take items free of charge (they usually ask that you leave something you no longer need behind.)
1. Socialists tend to laude free market economies.
2. I found this awesome chair at the free market by Salvation Army.
3. I dropped some old pots and pans off at the free market.
by 123isme October 11, 2012

An economic system in which prices are determined by unrestricted competition between privately owned businesses.
Man: I am glad I live in a free market society. If one place costs to much then I can go to another.

Obama: But wouldn't it be better if all prices charged the same?

Man: No, because whoever controls that price can change it to whatever the hell they want.
by conservative2 February 12, 2012
A fictional place people refer to when they obtain something for free. It could mean shop lifting, receiving a gift, getting a day off from work, etc. It can also mean hooking up with someone.
1.Dan: Nice sweatshirt, were'd you get it?
Chris: I went to the free market

2. Billys been talking to that girl all night, and now it looks like there going to the bedroom. He's going to the free market
by they call me mr murphy March 27, 2011
A term used in American politics to describe the business model where the first corporation to buy a senator is allowed to do what ever they like.
"It's a bad thing all the internet options are owned by only a few cable companies but that's the Free Market System."
by JimmyKillsAlot May 29, 2014
an idea in which a person start their own business, grows into corporation, buys out all of their competitors, aren't regulated by the US government because the combined I.Q.s of the presidents and their cabinet rarely ever exceeds the number 150, and then the corporations charge vast sums of money for products.
microsoft, oil supliers
by LA LA LA LA LA LA LA August 13, 2004
Free market anarchism or Anarcho capitalism is an umbrella term for a number of ideologies which believe that there should be no government, and a free market economic system, as opposed to anarcho socialism, anarcho communism, and anarcho syndicalism which focus on shifting ownership of property, companies etc. to the masses. Anarcho socialist types believe "Property is theft" while anarcho capitalists believe "property is freedom". Anarcho capitalists believe that a free market is the only truly anarchist economic system. The concept was popularized by Murray Rothbard of the Austrian School of Economics.
anarcho capitalism/free market anarchism Murray Rothbard Austrian School of Economics Counter economics Classical liberalism adam smith
by timothyxmcveigh July 10, 2009

free labour market defines a collective bargaining process between the labourer and the employer for negotiating the labourer's value of labour and wage.
under the free labour market system, Mark who is a factory worker is able to negotiate and bargain the value of his labor and wage with his employer.
by Baron Neville June 1, 2019