1. Tacit Enabler - Supports another's bad habits by staying silent.

2. Overt Enabler - Supports another's bad habits by providing assistance such as money, transportation, approval, etc...

A person who supports another person's bad or dangerous habits.

Enablers tend to fear calling others on their destructive habits because these "others" tend to be friends, family or others close to the enabler.

Thus, rather than risk losing the love, respect, friendship or contact with the person, the enabler chooses instead to play it safe and watch the other slowly destroy themselves or others through their own actions.
1. Bob: Hey Mike, I'm gonna go to the bar, slip a little something into some bitch's drink and fuck her rotten in the bathroom!
Mike, the Tacit Enabler: (Noncommital grunt)

2. Bob: Hey Mike, I gotta bring this crack over to that father of four. Give me a lift?
Mike, the Overt Enabler: ...Yeah, hold on.
by Wallbridge November 18, 2005
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someone who will assist and/or defend another person, usually a friend or family member, in their psychotic behavior; for the sole purpose of being needed to get their asses out of trouble so they can hold it over their heads and bitch about it forever.
Brenda is such an enabler, she likes to bitch about what addict kids she has to her friends/family, though she's the one that provided the drugs.
by jezebel27 December 9, 2011
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Shielding a person from the consequences of a destructive behavior; Allowing a person's destructive behavior to persist by managing or minimizing the ill-effects of the behavior.

"Enabling" vs. "Empowering"

Enabling: supporting a person's behavior that (repeatedly/habitually) instigates a negative or destructive result

Empowering: supporting a person's ability or effort in a positive or progressive endeavor
Enabling can be as destructive as the behavior itself . . . a person enabling a destructive behavior is motivated by their need to do so and is gratified by reinforcing their superiority or control over that person; An "enabler" holds a person in an inferior state by denying them the motivation to change and therefore, the opportunity to grow.
by dexmcgee October 19, 2015
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Having the capability to be enabled.
There are three enableable buttons on my dashboard, but at the moment they cannot be depressed.
by kilkraze July 15, 2010
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to encourage bad behavior, habits, etc.
Erin's parents enable her and her brother by giving them cigarettes just after he had just quit smoking. If you're a smoker or have other addictions and have parents like hers, don't count on quitting because they will just lure you back into your old addictions.
by Karen Stickney May 20, 2007
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Hyperbole misnomer for the absence of restraint to transfer an object identified by its non-enabled qualities to a complementary condition.
Yo bro! This light in ma' room is enableable.
by Flashmasterdash September 27, 2017
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Less-retarded version for triggered, because that's for normies.
Andsam: I fully support how Bright was made, possibly the best film of 2017 and all of you can fuck off
Husko: lol you're enabled
by HuskoXd December 29, 2017
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