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Largest college campus in the US---The University of Texas at Austin. 50k+ students. Hook 'em Horns
by hctz October 22, 2003
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Text Message abbreviation meaning "you there?" when inquiring if the receiver is available to text
by Captain UT July 19, 2008
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Short for "Unreal Tournament", or any of its sequels.
Man, I raped you all at UT last night.
by Josh February 11, 2003
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In addition to standing for University of Texas, in Canada it also stands for University of Toronto.
Let's go to UT at TO.
by K` May 25, 2005
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UT is the University of Tennessee (est 1794), not the University of Texas (est 1883). UT was a school before Texas was a state...a state in whice Tennessee founded I might add. The University of Texas was refered to as 'TU' (and still is by UT and Texas A&M)until they decided how much cooler UT sounded and decided that is what they wanted their school to be called. TU has attempted to steal UT's logos (the interlocked UT symbol and the Power T),and colors (TU is burnt orange and white while UT is hunting orange and white. UT was also orange and white first), and traditions even though Tennessee was voted #1 football weekend by Sports Illistrated in 2005, and UT's sporting facilities seat more people and sell more tickets annually than any TU sport. I'm surprised they haven't changed their school fight song to Rocky Top. UT is the University of Tennessee. Get your facts right bitches. Don't believe me...go to
Rocky Top you'll always be,
home sweet home to me (and the REAL UT),
good ole Rocky Top,
Rocky Top, Tennessee
by Alan Parks April 04, 2006
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School in East Moline, also known as United Township High School. Typically known for the amount of pregnant girls and the fact that 85% of the school are potheads and alcoholics.

Some slogans people say about UT:

"Can't spell "Slut" without UT"
"Can't spell "Shut the fuck up" without it either :"
"Wanna hear a joke? UT's football team"
UT a place for sluts to get knocked up and everyone else and their moms to get high as a kite.
by PSxx October 30, 2011
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usually used in a term of a sarcastic remark, said in defeat of a nothing fight, said when nothing else is thought of to say
"i told you i bought the noodles!" "well...UT!" fuck you too, i dont care, um,
by red head misfit July 29, 2010
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