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Wha' hup, Enzo ? Holdin' some o' that cavvy ?
by Johnny Chingas May 3, 2004
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The hip spelling is ".nig" and can refer to any black-oriented media.
Did you hear that DJ at the .nig ?
Dude, download the rap at .nig !
.nig's drummer is the master jazzer !!
by Johnny Chingas May 9, 2004
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This term is used to toilet/train young people. It makes the training lots of fun, like trying to teach kids numbers from the shape of their turds.
"A little dumpy-dump ??!!" Did you have a little accident ??
by Johnny Chingas March 23, 2005
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One of the members of that popular platinum selling rock group.
Wow, the straddlers are in town !! Let's go check out their saddles !!
by Johnny Chingas January 29, 2004
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Oh, oovy, I don't know, I feel so ooee-wooee all the time.....
by Johnny Chingas January 29, 2004
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An occasion when masturbation becomes necessary.
"So, you bastard, you were fuckin' two women at once again ?!!"
"Nope, it's always Palm Sunday at my place, baby.."
by Johnny Chingas May 3, 2004
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An industrial-type worker, male or female, who assures that nipples of various varieties are in proper working order.
This job might require various clamps, suction cups, pumps, and other assorted attachments...
"So, you're applying for nippleman, eh ?"
"Oh, yes Ma'am !!"
"Well, I hope you have a bit of experience..."
"Oh yes Ma'am, in Las Vegas and New Orleans.."
"Well, we'll try you for a few hours.."
"Oh, thank you Ma'am !!!!"
by Johnny Chingas April 25, 2009
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