6 definitions by Ace4kingAce

When something is coming down heavy, fast or hard.
Have you heard the rain it’s Thraping it down out there.
by Ace4kingAce April 21, 2019
When two people join together and become one in heart and soul.

A relationship that is unbreakable due to a resounding love that is shared.
When we met the feeling of togetherness was resounding and our love will never be broken.
by Ace4kingAce March 9, 2019
A state of total confusion and inability to understand or comprehend something.

Conflicting information or action from a source than anticipated.

WTF just happened...
I was first told one thing and then totally bemused when the opposite happened.
by Ace4kingAce March 8, 2019
Something that is the biggest, greatest and best thing it could be. The magnitude of something in its largest form.
The magnitude of love I feel for you is indescribable. Or... You are magnitudally beautiful in every way possible.
by Ace4kingAce March 7, 2019
When you have an irritation in the throat like a scratch or from midnight toking and coughing or drinking water won’t clear it.
I’ve got a right pethal in my throat from midnight toking last night.
by Ace4kingAce March 7, 2019
To walk around the garden, watering plants in whichever way is needed...

Watering up the stem
by Ace4kingAce August 21, 2020