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Previously owned by someone else until he/she grew out of it/ stopped fitting them.
She's so poor she needs second hand clothes.
by some guy November 18, 2002
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1. (noun)
The hand on a clock or watch that marks the seconds.

2. (adv)
something that had previous owner, like you're the second owner of it, after the first one.
"I prefer to buy second hand because the brand new one is too expensive"
by Little_m0on June 10, 2012
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"A girl friend, or wife." If we're getting more urban with it, but it could apply to any friend, partner, helper etc. who would maybe say the same about you, in an equally endearing but dominant gesture. "He's my second hand around here.", so it could be a Son on the farm who also knows how to run things, but has a boss, teacher or, as in this example, a Father. There's an element of a derogatory nature potentially implied with this comment, but it's not a requirement, in it's usage. Speaking of which is probably dated. Maybe it's usage has shifted that way over the years and run it's self out.
He's my second hand around here. Without him I would struggle like I've only got one hand! Also young Johnny has a brand new "second hand", his wife Jill, to add to the family that support each other.
by MasterJamez November 22, 2016
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