To use when talking in spades and not swearing at the same time people would often say 'flick' instead of 'fuck'.
The municipal government of Toronto once questioned a campaign to influence people to say 'flick' in stead of 'the f-word' as said in a saturday's newspaper on april 28th 2007.

"That is some flicked up shit right there!"
"You flickin' idiot!"
"I just flicked her last night ;)"
by Black ANBU April 30, 2007
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When Netflix ruins your childhood by changing beloved franchises as part of their agenda.
Holy shit, they flicked Scooby Do. Now Scooby is a gender neutral donkey and shaggy is an obese transgender african american that only solves crimes perpetrated by evil white men who all get raped to death by hyenas at the end. You should check it out, its been trending all week.
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by RetiredDonkeyDiddler November 07, 2018
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