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A legal word without vowels that can be used in Scrabble.
This is the nth time I've said it.
by I don't have a name August 09, 2003
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Short for Nice To Have. Referring to bugs in computer programs that don't absolutely have to be fixed, but should be fixed if they can be.
The bug is not a blocker, but an NTH.
by rse01 January 09, 2013
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Nicks Titty Hut.

A mythical and legendary establishment located in coconut creek Florida.
A strip club that is frequently visited by Max and his life partner Kiki.
(Max) Hey Kiki would you like to join me on a night on the town and maybe afterwards we could stop by NTH and have a couple drinks.

(Kiki) That sounds quite lovely but if we do stop by Nicks I would apreciate it If you could keep your eyes on me and not wandering towards the pole dancers.
by J,cruz K,cruz January 24, 2008
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