lol/lolz = laugh out loud
1337 = see leet
rofl/rotfl = rolling on the floor laughing
stfu = shut the f*ck up
stmfhub = shut the motherf*cking h*ll up bi*ch
g2g/gtg = got to go
omg = oh my god
wtf? = what the f*ck
wtfwt = what the f*ck was that?
meh = tch
wth = what the heck/what the h*ll
fps = frames per second/ first person shooter
zomg = over used version of omg
haha = haha
gth = go to h*ll
lmao = laughing my a*s off
lmfao = laughing my f*cking a*s off
hacker = someone who cheats
haxer = hacker
u = you
ur = your
4 = for
2 = to
noob = a beginner or someone who is not good
nub = noob
kick = remove
ban = permanently remove
lemme = let me
dunno = dont know
sometin = something
p*ssy = sex
... = ok, i dont really care
g4u = good for you
ferst = first
CS = Good first person shooter
These all i can think of on the top of my head,

The 11yr old CS playa
A game of cs with internet lingo in use

person 1 Dude, wtf?
person 2 stfu noob
person 1 haxer
person 2 lol im 2 good 4 u
person 1 gth haxer
person 2 lmfao why don't you ban me b*tch
person 2 rotfl ur just a nub
person 1 lemme show u sometin
person 1 *BANG HEADSHOT*
person 1 *BANG HEADSHOT*
person 1 *BANG HEADSHOT*
person 1 *BANG HEADSHOT*
person 1 *BANG HEADSHOT*
Person 2 has left the server
by [iX]-ST-AreNoth December 14, 2006
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anagrams on the internet/aim for lazy typers.
example of internet lingo:
jane; "omg! tyler totally slipped on that banana peel today and practically broke his ass!"
john; "lol! omg! r u serious?"

omg = oh my god
lol = laugh out loud
wtf = what the fuck
wth = what the hell
rofl = rolling on floor laughing
lmao = laughing my ass off
ttyl = talk to you later
imho = in my humble opinion
idk = i don't know
idc = i don't care
idr = i don't remember
jk = just kidding
r = are
u = you
...and so on
by scarlet :] April 2, 2008
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words like LOL and l337 and sp34k. see internet whore. often goes on in message boards and instant message programs.
G3t oN A1M sO wE cAn Cyb3r
by Windows 98 cardboard edition January 11, 2005
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