Ussually used to emphasise something and make the effects of it bigger, also it can be used to end any sentence.
Matt: What The Hell Are you doing you Idiot?

Rick: Shutup Your Gay 'To The Max!'

Matt: Well You Take It Up The Ass 'To The Max!'
by Matthew Hunter April 08, 2008
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adv. phrase. All the way. In drinking, consume a whole keg. In sex, go to home plate. In parties, dance and drink and throw up.
John pushed that keg to the max.
by ALEXfromExeter July 25, 2005
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Its a sarcastic way of saying the opposite to something
Mr. Matt: Ey Blad, Are You Going To The Shop?
Mr. Billy: To The Max (Meaning He's Not):)


Uncle Billy: Ey Blad, That girl Is buff init :O
Uncle Matt: Nah Shes Buff To The Max (Meaning She's Not)(Y)
by Izit Jeans March 17, 2008
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When something is done so a bunch. Also to the max x4, to the max^2, or anything else you like to make it more than just to the max.
I need a stoage to the max x4!
by vegan November 02, 2003
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