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Exhibiting a strong craving or desire for something eaten, imbibed, or taken as a drug. Comes from opiate culture.
Man, I'm *really* jonesing for a cup of coffee right about now.
by Dennis October 10, 2003

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At the maximum, at most, at the most, not more than
I will take two years, tops.
It will set you back $20, tops.
by Dennis July 24, 2006

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Mexican-American slur for "wetback" or illegal immigrant
Look at the pinche mojado trying to look bad.
by Dennis January 10, 2005

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From "Wizard of Oz", the lion declared "We're friends of Dorothy, using what can only be described as a 'camp' or typically effeminate voice.
I'm a friend of Dorothy- I'm gay.
by Dennis November 27, 2003

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The quinessential NJ. With well over 50 diners and 4 malls within a twenty minute radius from my house, it don't get much better than this.
Dur yer frum nort jerzeye u sure dem do talkin' funnie. HEY PAW GIT ME MA SHUTGUN ES UNDERNEAT DA CONFEDRAT FLAG!
by dennis February 06, 2004

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with regards to
I'd like to speak to you, WRT the document you sent me.
by Dennis April 29, 2003

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1)A person obsessed with greed and/or power.
2)A great song from one of the greatest bands in the world; Incubus
I saw Incubus perform "Megalomaniac" live at the All-State Arena on July 14, 2004

Sadaam Hussein was a megalomaniac
by Dennis October 22, 2004

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