66 definitions by Dennis

The quinessential NJ. With well over 50 diners and 4 malls within a twenty minute radius from my house, it don't get much better than this.
Dur yer frum nort jerzeye u sure dem do talkin' funnie. HEY PAW GIT ME MA SHUTGUN ES UNDERNEAT DA CONFEDRAT FLAG!
by Dennis February 6, 2004
A stupid way people from atlanta say shorty.
Yo sharty I'm from atlanta we should hook up!
Yo juss a silly ass country nigga!
by Dennis November 29, 2003
From "Wizard of Oz", the lion declared "We're friends of Dorothy, using what can only be described as a 'camp' or typically effeminate voice.
I'm a friend of Dorothy- I'm gay.
by Dennis November 27, 2003
Oral sex; blox job; when a girl eats the beef (a man's piece)
That bitch was talking too much so I had to shut her up by giving me a BE"
by Dennis February 25, 2003
word to use when your completely clueless about any subject at any time
oly bow bow kitty meat
Josh; hey man whats the capital of arkansas
frank: oly bow bow
by Dennis July 11, 2003