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Any time while trying to shove the sausage where it belongs you miss and poke her in the eye causing her to blink causing great pain
"You should have heard this bitch scream last night when I gave her a blinko"
by Dennis May 19, 2003
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A man who dresses up as Sailor Moon or one of her compatriots.
You could smell the sailor boy scouts from across the room.
by Dennis October 15, 2003
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Old pommy military term meaning foot-travel, usually to extremes ie too fast for safety, too far, too tiring, etc.
Also used: yomp yomps etc.
"So we'd been yomping all night an' the orders came to return, so we kept on bloody yompin'.
by Dennis September 30, 2004
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A person of questionable intelligence or an act of stupidty.
See also corky
He pulled a real netter by stepping in front of the bus.
by Dennis October 21, 2004
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A typographical blunder by someone attempting to say something else.
Thank you for attending the 2nd annual ADVISOR workship...above all....
by Dennis March 16, 2005
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a very nice persn who's never annoying and smells nice
by Dennis November 24, 2003
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