A term used in prison for storing contraband within one's anus.
How can i get this butterfly knife on the yard to shank that shit talking scrap?
-Hoop it!
by EvilEd5150 March 14, 2016
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aww lads, you should have seen the hoop on thebird i was with last night
by schorman April 23, 2017
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Screwed. An uncomfortable situation. In a bad situation that seems to have no way out. Comes from one of two meanings:

1) To have figuratively taken it up the ass (the hoop).

2) railway terminology where new (additional) work orders were passed along to a train crew. The orders were printed on paper, tied with string, and held up high on the end of a pole. The string had a loop for the trainman to lean out of the window of a moving train and aim his arm through the loop (hoop) to get the orders.
"How you gonna explain that to your wife?"
"I dunno man, I'm hooped."

Yardmaster: "Theres more work for you down the line."
Conductor:"Damn, Why can't we tie up and go home?"
Yardmaster: "I got the orders from above. I'll hoop them up to you."
Trainman to Conductor after grabbing order successfully: "We're hooped"
by Gambrinus September 28, 2005
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Placing an foreign item or object in your rectum in an attempt to smuggle it into a location.
Gerald was caught hooping cigarettes into the Penn again.
by Brody Anderson December 9, 2018
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caught in a situation that has no obvious solution
We are kind of hooped because the guy to interview you doesn't come in to work for another two hours.
by dp June 11, 2003
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"Let's play sum hoops."
by Diego September 1, 2003
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