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A girl who looks like a complete 10 on facebook due to angle shots, photoshop, or hours trying to get that one picture that looks nothing like them in real life. These pictures are almost immediately made profile pictures and usually have cleavage for the world to see..However, in reality, these facebook dimes tend to be butterfaces or outright 5's or 6's.
Gray: "Damnn who's your friend with that sexy profile pic"
Max: "Oh that's this girl Heather"
Gray: "Hook it up!"
Max: "Trust me, you don't want it. She's just facebook dime.
Gray: "Damn photoshop"
by Mon-Star April 20, 2010
Words that Jewish people say that only other Jews know; jewish terminology. Usually deriving from Yiddish
Miriam Goldsteinberg: Did you hear about Lou's kid who just got a tattoo? What a schmuck, he might as well be a goyim. He has to schlep that thing around with him for the rest of his life now.

Rachel Blumenfeld: What a putz, I was schmoozing with his father the other day… what a mensch. He must have gotten it from that meshuggener mother of his. i don't care what my son's shpiel is, no schegetz is ever schmearing ink on him.

Christina McNonjew: Enough with the Terminolojew! I'm trying to stay in this conversation!

Miriam: Oy Vey what a noodge.
by Mon-Star November 5, 2010
The hour between 4:30- 5:30 am when the crack heads (not just crack heads, also late night drinkers and pot smokers) are getting in, and the crack workers are leaving to be at work early, or catching an early train to work.
Neighbor 1: "Did you hear that crack head next door hit his mailbox last night coming in at crack hour?"

Neighbor 2: "Yea, I saw him stumble to his door when I was leaving for work."

Neighbor 1: "You're such a crack worker."

Neighbor 2: "Better than being a crack head."
by Mon-Star June 28, 2010
The time between a sneeze and the first person to say "bless you". There is usually one person in the crowd with a fast sneeze reaction time that starts off the "bless you" chain reaction where multiple people in the room all say bless the person for sneezing... for some reason.
Dave: "Ahh Chooo"
Matt: Bless you
4 more people: bless you
Dave: Damn Matt that was like a half second sneeze reaction, did you see it coming?
Matt: Nah, I'm just good.
by Mon-Star April 20, 2010
Similar to the affects of jet-lag, after 7-10 days of drinking until 4 am and sleeping until 3 pm, the intoxicated college student suffers from spring break-lag for 2-5 days.

Symptoms include:

Missing 8 am's by 3 hours

Eating at 3 am

Having an urge to consume alcohol during the day

Feeling as though 1 am is 9pm

and Experiencing vague memories from the previous week. These memories range from the best moment to those you wish happened after a few more drinks.

Spring break- lag is an annual hangover experience by thousands of college students.
(Tuesday after Spring Break at 2:56 am)

Mike: Yo Steve you want some Texas toast and pizza?

Steve: Bro it's 2:56 in the morning and I have class at 8. If you wake me up again I will literally tie you to your bed in your sleep and gag you with my gym sock...yes just like Wedding Crashers minus the gay part.

Mike: Slow your roll, I forgot you stayed home for spring break and aren't Spring Break-Lagged. I'll just get McDonalds with Matt after a Nazi Zombie kills him. Want anything?

Steve: No asshole, if you wake me up when you get back I'm going to shave your eyebrows off.

Example 2:

Guy 1: Tryna drink and watch March Madness?

Guy 2: Yea, fcuk it I have class tonight but I'm so Spring Break- Lagged I'd take a beer over a water right now.
by Mon-Star March 23, 2010
Sarcastic way to tell someone you disagree
Person 1: I thought that movie was great!

Person 2: That makes one of us

Person 1: I'd hit that

Person 2: That makes one of us
by Mon-Star July 2, 2010
Code name for guys on a hot day when his balls are sticking to his thigh. 'The Sticks' can be avoided with a small dose of babypowder after a morning shower.

Signs of 'The Sticks':

When a male frequently puts his hands in his pockets. (momentarily relieving him of 'the sticks')

When a male takes strange looking side steps to separate his thighs as far as possible (this also momentarily relieves him of 'the sticks')
Guy #1: Dude are you playin with your tip in your pocket?

Guy #2: Nah bro I got The Sticks bad today, couldn't find my baby powder this morning.
by Mon-Star March 16, 2010