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An individual that has supernatural knowledge or experiences not imposed by outside forces, usually due to an awakened kundalini. More specifically, a mystic is a positive individual, not of the dark side of the force for which the word 'witch' or 'sorcerer' is usually used instead.
Mystics are sometimes marked by a particular kind of experience in which
great physical suffering becomes a supernatural spiritual ecstasy.
Mystics come out of all religious and spiritual backgrounds.

In the slang , mystic is an adjective used to refer to something of wonderous powers or capabilities.
St. John of the Cross was a mystic.

St. Francis of Assisi was a mystic.

That weed we smoked last night was mystic.
by TeilhardD May 26, 2005
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The most amazing, supportive person on the whole planet! She would do anything to help her friends!
She's so nice, such a Mystic!
by April 08, 2017
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Not a form, what you get when you sit in front of an old guy, just a fan term.
Gohan: Mystic.
Vegeta: WHAT WAS THAT? MYSTIC? Mystic's not a form!! It's just a fan term! OH GEE, you just sit in front of some old guy for a day and all of sudden, OW, you're Mystic! You didn't even transform, you just stood there and said 'Mystic'! And not to mention, you don't even belong in this era Gohan!! Adult Gohan doesn't belong in the Cell Era! Y-You know something're a loser.....J-Jus-Just go home, we don't need you!
by Speed Stick Deoderant July 10, 2008
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A badass Fortnite clan the will fuck your shit up any day of the week and fuck your mom any night.
β€œMan I wish I was in the mystic clan because I keep getting dogged on Fortnite every day”
by Mystic Hidden June 05, 2019
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Mystic is a very caring person she is sweet kind supper hot. You may fall for her but she is shy to talk to guys about relationships but if you ask her she will most likely say yes. she hangs out with almost everyone from every crowd like the popular girls, cheerleaders, nerds and everyone you can think of. she is a very outgoing person she likes to sleep A LOT. she will do anything to help anyone if she can.
she has Brown Hair Blue eyes
guy 1-Bro see her that's Mystic
Guy 2-Ohhhhh Damnnnnnnn look at that
by TheBestRandomPersonEver November 09, 2018
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a boring little town in connecticut filled with prudes and old people. where the movie mystic pizza was filmed.
omg i hate mystic.
by Ms. Mary Mac September 15, 2008
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Slang originated from the uptown Bronx basically means a person is weird a bozo or a lame it can also be said as myst or mysty
That nigga took a shit in the school bathroom he's mystic πŸ˜‚
by Blicky BX January 23, 2018
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