3 definitions by Weeger

To be excited, or nervous about something.
1) That new girl makes your asshole pucker, doesn't she?

2) Damnit, the exit exam is really making my asshole pucker!

3) The Patriots being in the Super Bowl finals can make one's asshole pucker, but it certainly doesn't pucker mine!
by Weeger January 21, 2008
"Bigger" is the b-word. As is the case with the n-word, you should try to avoid saying the actual b-word.
A: "One of the bigger scandals in the Trump presidency was his alleged use of the n-word."
B: "Excuse me!? Did you just really say the b-word? Oh my god!"
A: "Yes, I said it. And I'll say it again! Bigger bigger bigger!"
B: "Jesus Christ!" *faints*
by Weeger August 18, 2018
The condition of having two asses, thus: The ability to figuratively sit on two chairs. A bi-assed person can successfully represent two differing, even contradicting opinions.
Rudy Giuliani has been both pro-choice and pro-life, so he's either bi-assed or a flip-flopper.
by Weeger December 3, 2008