I must remember to do my to do list in order to be well to do, now toodledoo.
by Hercolena Oliver July 11, 2008
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List of different types of partners you'd like to have sex with before you die...
" Last night, I checked a red head off the to do list. Now, all I need to do is score with an Asian..."
by Chetmo June 28, 2008
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A list of all the activities you are intentionally going to stop doing, because you are taken for granted by your boss, colleagues, spouse, friends, lover, assorted relatives, and even your pet, who constantly abuse of your kindness, commitment, and productivity, forcing you to carry their work and fulfill their responsibilities.
End of line!!! I won´t take the abuse from all the slackers and suckers around me anymore. From today on I am going to stop doing what is on my "Not To-Do List".
by rperazag June 20, 2010
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A list of chores assigned by one's primary companion, sweetheart, and honey pot.
Nah, Dude. I can't. I got a honey do list long enough to keep me home for the whole summer and into deer hunting season.
by Paul Sisler June 1, 2005
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a lists of chores and/or errands given to a man by his wife or girlfriend
Men rather do other things then tend to a honey do list.
by Gerard Irick May 20, 2010
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When you get the great idea to start making ToDo lists at work, of which's items only a fraction get done. As the list grows after a few days, weeks, whatever, you begin to realize you've made a huge list of things you intended to do but never got done.
Every morning at work, I add more things I should do to my didn't do list, then go on an hour and a half coffee break to flirt with the girl downstairs and otherwise waste company time.
by Turd__Ferguson September 19, 2015
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A freaking waste of time. Some broad got the brilliant idea once to get her husband to ruin his whole weekend by giving him a list of tasks to complete on his days off, or else he wouldn't get sex. Now, it is the bane of the existence of real men from coast to coast.
No, dude, I can't go out and hang with you and the fellas all day on the boat fishing, drinking and enjoying my Saturday. I have a honey do list that's a mile long. Yeah, I know it sucks.
by bitter? no. really. August 9, 2011
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