Literally: Too long; didn't read

Possible subtext: You make a very good point to which I have no sensible or comical response thefore I will claim it was too long for me to manage reading in order that I might still have the last word (or slightly confusing modern acronym)
by Alt Def February 26, 2015
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This is an alternative way to understand tl;dr

So usually it's a response to a long-winded written explanation that someone posts online. But it can also be used as a brief summary of something at the top of a post for readers who don't have time to go through the whole thing

For example: My trip to Europe

tl;dr - I went to Europe, I ate cheese, danced with beautiful woman, hooked up with a man and had a unexpected boat trip.

Full post
On 21 January I got the itch to travel, so I spontaneously booked a trip to Europe... insert rest of post
Friend who got a job interview: I’m very excited. Also cautious.
Me: whats the tl;dr
by benjamaan March 21, 2018
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1) the phrase lazy trolls use when they have nothing to say in response

2) a phrase used when a post REALLY IS long, pointless, and repetitive, and should barely be read... but most of the time people do anyway

3) a lie
ex. 1:
Person A: -long post about how furries aren't bad people- and that is why furries aren't bad people...
Person B: tl;dr
Person A: troll...

ex. 2:
Person C: -long, overly repetitive post, by a furry (the bad kind)- AND THAT'S WHY FURRIES ARE TEH AWESHUMNESS, AND YOU ARE GUILTY OF FURSECUTION
Person D: tl;dr, dude I never even insulted you guys in the first place
Person C: -rages-

((i have nothing against furries))
by CommandoBear October 29, 2010
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Too long; Didnt Read.
In addition to being used by lazy forum readers, tl;dr can be used by forum posters to give a brief version of their long-winded post!
Guy: (long post blah blah blah)
Guy: tl;dr version: I'm gonna an hero
by Mabusss August 7, 2010
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Stands for "too long; didn't read".

Along with the above-mentioned use of tl;dr by lazy jerks and trolls, the use of this term is a great way to cut down long-winded, nonsensical arguments made by insane conspiracy theorists who are probably wearing tin-foil hats while typing them.
Johnny: There's no way the moon landing happened in real life! For one thing, the shadows of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in photographs are pointing at different angles. The pictures could only have been taken in a studio! And there aren't any stars in the lunar sky in the pictures, either. How could they have ... (etc.)

Jake: tl;dr
by Alice Margatroid January 2, 2008
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1. acronym meaning "too long; didn't read". A response to a post that is quite lengthy.

Despite the elitist view that this is used as a way of having to get out of reading "brilliant arguments", sometimes it does make sense. Just because something is long and drawn-out does not mean it is worth reading. I've read "walls of text" that were hollow and nothing but a waste of my time. Lots of talk, little substance. In that case, tl;dr would be more than just a response to laziness.
"Chapter 1: On the usage of abbreviations in modern internet discourse. Let us begin at the beginning. It all started in 1975 with the advent of the..." *goes on for 300 pages*

by RoryBrody March 18, 2009
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The teacher wanted me to write my opinion of the book, so I wrote "tl;dr" and turned it in. For some reason I got an F.
by Anonymous938743 June 20, 2013
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