First man on the moon. He ruined the dreams of many people. He proved the moon wasn't made of cheese...
I hate Neil Armstrong
by shiney monkey September 5, 2005
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v. The act of performing butt sex in space.
I Neil Armstronged that bitch while she was wearing her space apparatus.
by petewheeler June 19, 2009
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The Neil Armstrong is when you fart into a trash bag and put it over someones head like a space suit. Also refered to as the Buzz Aldrin in some areas
Dude, Dave totally Neil Armstronged me last night
by stolimks5 February 25, 2012
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the act of a man marrying an ugly chick. ie. one small step for man, one giant step (bullet) for mankind
Taking a bullet for mankind by marrying an ugly chick. doing a Neil Armstrong
by Matt Wilmot March 23, 2007
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Was the first human that ever has been on the moon, in 1969. He is still alive
Someday, I'll be as great as Neil Armstrong.
by art&sexguns September 2, 2015
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