A mole often directly between the two real nipples. Completely useless as a nipple.
Carlos has a third nipple!
by truecha January 17, 2006
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Used in the phrase "Don't take it to the third nipple!"
The "third nipple" is non-existant because it's one too many body parts we need, so it's used to refer to when someone is over reacting to something or is about to say something that's exaggerative (<-is that a word?).
"Oh my GOD!! I'm going to kill you! You lil' sonuvabitch!! Why I ought.."
"Whoa dude, don't take it to the third nipple!"
by SellOutBoy May 13, 2009
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Also known as a third wheel... when a dating couple or almost dating couple decide to spend sometime together but one of the guys or girl friend is there. Sometimes this turns into Cockblocking.
I was with my GF and my friend who lives next to me was being a third nipple and wouldn't leave us alone
by ROCK!!!!! December 15, 2009
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The sudden, often irresistible urge to do something incredibly stupid.
Because third nipples are so weird and unnatural, they cause people who have them to do weird and unnatural things.
A good excuse for doing something weird if you do have a third nipple.
"Jonny, WHY did you stick your foot in that glass jar?"
"Third nipple impulse! I couldn't help it!"
"Why did you walk around with it like that?!"
by Mrs. Horrible November 23, 2008
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Ghandi's ambidextrous third nipple. It was always hidden by the cloth he wore around himself. At first you might not be able to recognize the third nipple, but it is there. The third nipple is worshiped and loved by all.
Ghandi's third nipple is our savior. All hail ghandi's third nipple! Chuck Noll loved ghandi's third nipple and cherished it like a brother.
by Taxidermist October 03, 2005
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