The slightly rediculous rhymes your mother told you when you were little. They usually contain babies crashing to the ground in cradles, and riding riding six white horses around moutains.
Boy: Mom, did you tell me nursery rhymes when I was litte?

Mother: Yes, you loved the one about some guy burning his package on a candle stick.
by Dr.Pepperlotsundbergy April 26, 2008
A Hunger games Style challenge in real life where (parents) test their (children) against others parents children to see which child has the best musical (talent), (memory), (patience) and other (bullshit).
Alright kids! Lets learn a nursery rhyme
by Soupy69 January 28, 2020
Written by the greatest psychos in history, whom are praised to be the greates authors in history, Nursery rhymes will do one of the following to your kid.

A. Turn your kid into a psycho
B. Tramatize your kid for life

Sometimes I wonder what the difference is between Nursery rhymes, and a rated R movie.
Nursery rhymes have a dark history, like the baby that fell out of the tree, or the reference to the black death, very child friendly (Sarcasm)
by Xfdsjvstvzrgxz December 26, 2018