A smart, athletic and extremely attractive man who is particularly talented in bed. He is generally good hearted and is harassed by female attention.
Who's that sexy fella, probably a Lorcan.
by Regularbitchđź‘… September 3, 2016
The sweetest and cutest boy ever created. He is talented, smart, creative, funny and much more. He's loved and cared for by many. A Lorcan is extremely rare so he must be treated with gentleness and love.
Wow...he is such a Lorcan!
by PenPineappleApplePen2020 November 15, 2020
Irish name, derived from the name Laurence. Means Little Fierce One.
Lorcan ya bleedin tick, stop lurkin in the bushes........
by Wolfbang Connoisseur February 3, 2010
Generally called a sarcastic bastard. . . yet the person in question was clearly born in wedlock.
-Stop acting like Lorcan, your such an ass!
- I may be sarcastic but I'm no bastard.
by Slurry January 23, 2007
A person obsessed with girls especially if they're called Natalia
I'm certain he's a lorcan
by Sexy boiii 123 June 30, 2018
Lorcan is a handicap, if you know a Lorcan chances are he eats drywall
“hey look it’s Lorcan the handicap that eats drywall”
by BigKaboosh May 13, 2020
Doesn’t think Olivia is an obese page. Just a normal page. But also a lorcan is really fit
Lorcan doesn’t think Olivia is an obese page
by Bossbaby69 June 15, 2019