its jst a noise you make with ya tongue. its like when you do something wrong oooor somthin silly
Adam: I was gonna be home by midnight, but instead I got drunk and stayed out until 3am
Laura: tut lol
by IckleLaura March 24, 2006
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Short for "Tutorial" especially on art forums, manga forums, etc.
"You got any tuts on how to draw eyes?"
by DanzaBarr November 26, 2006
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Alex: *carries on boring conversation*
Dylan: *sigh* Tut tut tut...
Alex: *angry faic*
by Ghangis24 June 1, 2009
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a style of dance made by poppers from the 80's
tut is in reference to "king tut", due to the styles nature of imitating pictures often depicted in hieroglyphics. Mr.Wiggles is noted for the use and teaching of this style.
b-boy 1 - Man that guy back there at the party was using some crazy moves i've never seen! it looked all egyptian style.
b-boy 2 - yeah man that style aint been used in years, its called tut.
by Jared Kennedy August 16, 2004
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(noun) the anatomical area of an overweight person where their tits and gut converge. Tit + Gut = Tut
Look at Shaquita, sitting there with her arms around her tut. fat gorda cochina chonga
by MtotheM22 February 7, 2013
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Carl: I saw this guy wearing a top hat with naked girls around the edges, and I said "Yo, nice tut!"

Jess: Yeah dude, i saw him too!
by braineatss June 7, 2009
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"my tut hurts from all that slamming you gave me last night"
by kleecker June 2, 2004
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