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A very small person or amount; tiny. Originated from a famous music hall comedian from the late 1800s named "Little Tich," who was about four feet tall. Not to be confused with tetchy (irritable).
I went out with that boy again last night, and he sure was titchy, so I dumped him!

Give me just a titch more coffee.
by pearadvocate June 23, 2005
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I want to go home because my grandma had some bad prune juice and now she's being all titchy at me.
by Kitten December 19, 2004
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When ur titty itches, and you itch it and someone judges you.
* glares *
" well damn bih i'm sorry that it titchy. "
by Soomy July 09, 2015
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Description of when someone has itchy breast/nipple area(s).

From tit+itchy
PMS girl: I'm warning you- I'm PMSing and totally titchy!"
Guy: "So now is not a great time to tell you I crushed your cat having sex with another girl on the floor!"
by assai August 10, 2009
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