To appear in front of your lover`s window and sing a song for them late at night.
My dad kicked my ass cause this drunk stranger serenaded me last night.
by fishy1056 July 9, 2006
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perfrom a complimentary vocal or instrumental piece of music.
We were serenaded with lovely guitar music as we ate our lunch at the park.
by Morgan Tierney October 31, 2006
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when fraternities come to sing little songs to the girls at sorority houses. This usually happens during pledgeship and the new members are the ones doing the singing. The boys will often change words of popular songs to suit the sorority/school and have to be dressed up.
SAE did a really cute serenade, it was Taylor swift will all the words changed!
by aks1312 January 2, 2012
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A silver tongued devil. A professional Jigilo, a cad, a scoundrel. He is one that can make a woman do what ever he says. His conquest are as long as his, uh reputation.
"DJ Siavash is a real Serenader."
"Nima serenaded her like a spanish mariachi."
by Jason Silva November 3, 2006
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A sexual sounding word that means to entertain someone, with a piece of music, typically by a man under the window of his lover or some shit. Why does it sound so sexual??? Hell if I know.
Person A: Stacy is so cute. I bought a guitar so I could serenade her.

Person B: Isn't it a little too early for something so intimate?

Person A: fuck you, Jerry.
by Poker CC January 11, 2020
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Singing insults to people in an otherwise pleasant tone.
My boyfriend reverse serenades every day. He thinks it's funny.
by Lenabobina September 9, 2019
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