66 definitions by Pantaloon

1)European word for cell phone.
2)Also known as coochie war cry, the slapping of the hand furiously against the vagina to arouse the warriors.
3)hand job.
4)A short skirt with little or no undergarmentry, to allow ready access.
1)We were able to get three bars on the Handy when we took the u-bahn Unter dem Linden.
2)Vera asked me for a Handie before she went in to ask for a raise. She leaned her backend across the aisle and I was able to slap her waggle silly from the comfort of my own cubicle.
3)Before the big sales presentation, I asked Wendy for a handy, just to steady my nerves, but she would only give me a bronski and a hummer.
4)Sarah wore a handy into the office, and was ready for dictation with minimal fabric displacement.
by Pantaloon January 15, 2008
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Track marks left by underpants rubbing against a soiled starfish. Similar to skid marks, but lighter brown color. Almost beige. Possibly due to differences in diet from those who produce skid marks. Some studies have been done, but nothing conclusive has been published as this goes to print.
Girl, glancing at the floor- You don't have a hash mark in your boxers.
Fellow-You seem surprised.
Girl- Oh, most of the guys that come in here have them. 19 out of 20, I'd say.
Fellow, puffing out his chest- Well, then, thank you much. Is that what I smelled walked in here?
Girl-No, that's just my upper lip, from the Dirty Sanchez I had for breakfast.
Fellow- I thought you said I was your first!
Girl-Oh, yeah, you're right. I guess I must have just shit myself.
Fellow, relieved- Oh, Thank God!
by Pantaloon January 14, 2008
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Overused start of a phrase. 50% of people that submit entries in UD to be published simply take the first name of their friend,enemy, ex-boyfriend, and tack it onto the end of this phrase.
Hopeful entry into the sacred dictionary: Heissucha Robert.
***sound of mouse clicking on the reject button***
by Pantaloon January 18, 2008
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1)When a group of guys get together to watch any TV show or movie, similar to when women's periods sync up. The body produces impressive and voluminous amounts gas to contribute to the overall social harmony with in the group.
2)The seniors' bus ride to & from Atlantic City from the assisted living facility.
1) Jenny tried to watch the game with her husband Jim and his buddies, but their collective group stink had formed an impenetrable force field that drove her out of the home.
2) The bus company pre-screened their drivers for their ability to withstand group stink, but the Nursing home had served dairy that morning. That, coupled with the floral scents of the Henderson sisters, was enough to knock the driver out. They fished the bus from the river two hours later.
by Pantaloon January 16, 2008
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What happens sometimes when the alcohol wears off before you get a girl back to your room. With the lights turned on, and the buzz gone, you realize that anything that might have caught your eye is really just derivative and uninteresting without the special effects and booze, and that really what you've got looks more like a skinny little boy than Madonna, Greta Garbo,Maryln Monroe, or a mildly amusing Blow-up doll.
The actual gwen stephani is the snapping noise as your dick and scrotum shrivels up rapidly into your abdomen. May require hospitalization and/or counseling for recovery.
Jimmy thought he was being a smart driver by only having one drink, but when his "date" came out of the bathroom, he almost thought he saw balls, but couldn't clear his head enough to prevent a full-on gwen stephanie from knocking him to the ground.
by Pantaloon January 16, 2008
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1)to spend time with beautiful women coming on to you with no possible consequences (it was the sixties), and yet avoid getting laid for seven years. I mean, WTF?
I'm pretty sure Herman Munster or Eddie Haskell wouldn't have pulled a Gilligan if they had their druthers.
by Pantaloon January 28, 2008
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The young lads were seekers of jang, and would spare no expense to this end. Twas as noble cause as ever was.
by Pantaloon January 09, 2008
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