Watch Salesman 1: How can we get more than $15 for this watch?
Watch Salesman 2: Add 4 zeroes on to the end of the price, and call it a timepiece.
Watch Salesman 1: Brilliant!
by SailorMeeko December 19, 2006
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(n) an older person who is attractive. Similar to dime piece, cougar, MILF, etc.
I brought my timepiece to the party
by justintimberlake2 February 12, 2020
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A label given to a post on any social network (ex. Instagram ) that has more likes ( or reblogs or retweets ) than the amount of time it has been posted for.
"Bro, I posted a picture on Instagram like 5 minutes ago and it has almost 600 likes."

"Man, that's such a timepiece!"
by theColeTrain4 February 21, 2014
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Pulled a bad publicity stunt online, lied about the reason, blame everyone for the bad reception and negative comments. Apologised to the public as the last resort. Narcissistic douchebag
No publicity is bad publicity unless your done a timepiece gentleman
by Findingmeanings July 11, 2021
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The most proggiest assembly of competent musicians ever.
"The Timepiece Mechanics are so prog."
by yogurt3452524 May 17, 2010
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Someone who buys expensive Timepieces. He has a healthy obsession for expensive Timepieces. Hence the word "Timepiece Monsters"
All-black Audemar, you claim yours is one-of-one, we Timepiece Monsters, every season we be on the hunt.

by TMarkus November 27, 2022
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