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A pathetic fucking waste of precious, God-given time.
Dan: Man, this class is boring!

Emily: Seriously. What a timefuck!
by UrbanDictionaryWhore March 24, 2008
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To picture a person/the people around you dressed and acting as though they were in a different place and era or point in time.
I'm time-fucking Brittney and her friends as peasants in the 1500's right now and I don't think I've ever wanted to see someone working a field so bad.
by Ringnecpheasant January 01, 2012
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all concepts and notion of time and date are lost in a state of delusion. Much like Mindfuck, Timefuck is simply having all sense of time shaken up. States of Timefuck are usually achieved when an individual is on a holiday or camp.
Person 1: Hey man, do you know what time it is?
Person 2: nah, i'm totally Timefucked

Person 1: same, yesterday i thought it was Wednesday and Saturday at the same time!
by Snadsta July 07, 2010
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When a clock breaks in your house and you get 'fucked by time.'

Dangerous, as your initial reaction isn't that there is a fault with the clock, but rather a fault within the space-time continuum.
Sam - "Mike, are you okay?"

Mike - "Sorry, the clock says ten, even though it's six. I'm a bit Time-Fucked right now."
by jazz4 April 16, 2011
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time fuck is another word for a gay paradox.
If one person were to go back in time and have sex with him/herself, then it isn't considered gay because neither is masturbation, yet it is not masturbation because there is another person to have sex with, and it definitely isn't incest because they are not siblings.
If young Link and Link from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time, had sex with one another, this would be considered a time fuck.
by ralfothegreat February 11, 2008
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In Chess, When playing a timed game and you know you are positionally, and materially at a unrecoverable disadvantage ( a loss is imminent) but you are far ahead in time' to make a crazy move for the sole purpose of mentally confusing your opponent. The end result is usually a win on time. Basically a Kamikaze suicide attack taking advantage of the clock
I was five pieces ahead in that game, but he 'timefuck'ed me with an unsupported kamikaze attack on my King by his queen. I lost on time.
by Lexmo June 18, 2011
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A Timefuck is when you want to do something but are simply in the wrong part of time.
Bro I wanted to bang 2005 Anna Kornikova but now it's 2016. I'm so timefucked.
by TittyTornado December 21, 2016
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