Teacher I'd Like to Fuck.

Similar to MILF.

Synonymous to PILF (Professor I'd Like to Fuck).
Person 1: "Do you think Mrs. Lane is a TILF?"
Person 2. "Dude...she's 76."
Person 1: "So..."
Person 2: "Yes."
by PseudonymsRule May 28, 2010
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"Teachers I'd Like (to) Fuck." see milf The only thing more disturbing than TILF is the fact that teachers might have a SILF list.
Hey did you see the hot new Socio-economics teacher? He's definitely a TILF.
by HowSadForMe April 21, 2005
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A TILF is an acronym for the phrase "Teacher I Like (too) Fuck. It's used by students who 'like' certain teachers.
Dude 1: Mrs. Hartley so hot, she's a TILF.
Dude 2: She's married, man!
Dude 1: She's still a TILF.
by Shortlems July 21, 2011
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Dude i love your Teddy bear, yeah He's a TILF, i totally ripped his stuffing out the other day. Lets get a go on that!
by MONGOLOID JACK April 8, 2010
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A Tilf is the acronym for “Teacher I’d like to f***k” same thing as a Dilf unless the dad is your teacher then you have a dwalt “dad who acts like my teacher” combine dwalt with a tilf or dilf and you get a dwalatilf “dad who acts like a teacher I’d like to f***k” <<< but that’s just a mouthful ;)



Dude my dwalatilf is crazy!!

Bro did you see the *** on that tilf!?
by Mikeythedike March 15, 2019
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