Teacher I learn from. A short way to express your learning experience with a teacher.
P1: Have you seen that TILF?
P2: Man I'd love to learn from her as well.
P1: She gave me private lessons in my house!
by NiggerCockLover December 14, 2021
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For the more fucked up side of our society, Toddler I'd like to fuck.
That kid was a tilf man.
by ferretslayer May 11, 2011
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Like a milf or dilf but instead it’s a teacher
by Mmbb May 2, 2021
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dude i’d fuck that tilf

bro she’s a he
by heisnurens November 11, 2021
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A lustful desire for someone of a younger age, (preferably two years or more) that isn't acted on.
"Wow my tilf looks smokin' hot today, it's a shame he's so young!"
by MollieWhop December 17, 2014
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Mr Norman is such a TILF, I would so bang him
by Patrick Deguzmann March 12, 2018
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To annotate a book, movie, podcast, etc. Stands for “Things I Learned From”. Usually used among nerdy writers as a way of honing the craft by example, and admiring the work of others.
“I have to look back over my tilf on that book.”

“I’m currently tilfing a my new favorite podcast: The Orbiting Human Circus.”
by Melodoso April 12, 2020
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