A 60-90cm tall human who has exited the “aaaaw” phase and entered the “awfuuuuuuuck” phase. Generally have no respect or regard for anything and unwittingly forces its parents into alcoholism. They don’t sleep, don’t eat food, however they do have a nak for interior design using simple tools such as crayons, lipstick and eyeliner. They are the second most common cause of hypertension and first most common cause of liver serrosis. toddler
Shit Jim, you look like you’ve had a bender this morning! “ don’t be silly Cheryl, I got totally toddlered last night, the little bastard didn’t sleep until 2am” toddler
by that_guy_from_brizzie November 21, 2017
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the act of making someone look like a toddler. Most commonly associated with FIFA when one player dribbles another player's defence, or scores a very nice or fancy goal
Damn, my skills made your defence look like a bunch of toddlers
by Elia Kazad August 28, 2010
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Tiny little meat sacks built to punt across rooms.
Sara: want to see the little snot I pad flesh sock kid I popped out of me?
Average real humans: no Sara *kicks flail meaningless body across the foyer.*
by MJkrazykoolepicgamer May 20, 2021
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Little children who are not oldenough to talk back and give you attitude. cute and gives you a reason to relive your childhood and "not" look stupid!
Tristan is a well behaved todler.
by Havilah December 6, 2004
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(noun) a hand job so bad you can't even get your dick hard, the girl treats your dick similar to the way a young child shakes a rattle
Guy 1: Dude I took Betty home and she gave me a toddler.
Guy 2: Really?
Guy 1 : Yeah i didnt cum or anything it was awful, she gripped my dick too hard and beat the fuck out of it.
by Mcderbs the Great April 18, 2009
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Nickname given to his grandson "Todd" by Sven Holmgren in January 1978.
That's my Toddler!
by thefisher77 April 17, 2009
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Toddler was used since rock age for their abilities to hand to hand combat.They measure less than 2 feets tall and can kick yo grandmother ass more easily than chuck norris can.They hit the gym all days of the week.
Hey yo, jeff was dead attacked by a gym toddler!
by Ze8mx December 2, 2012
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