A massive humanoid beast that devours human beings because why the fuck not. They terrorize humanity with their massive naked bodies.
"I'm gonna wipe them out... Every single last Titan!!"
Eren Jaeger, Shingeki no Kyojin
by Urok33 December 4, 2013
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A primeval pantheon of deities from Greco-Roman mythology. They were immortal giants and possessed superhuman strength and stamina as well as magical powers such as control of the weather and seas.
by Cainman September 10, 2013
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Those looking humans but more gigantic and creepy as fuck but don't worry Levi Ackerman will save us.
by Cursed Kokichi Ouma October 12, 2020
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That awkward moment when you realize your friend is actually titan from megamind
Spencer: hey guys
lil alphy: holy shit it’s titan from megamind
Spencer: What the fuck
by JumboJuice69420 October 6, 2019
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Deities of Greek Mythology; feminine, Titaness. The offspring of Uranus and Gaia, the sky and earth. Others are also labeled as Titans. They were beings of great power, but were eventually overthrown by the gods. Among them were Prometheus who provided humans with fire and medicine, Atlas, who held the heavens aloft on his shoulders, and Cronus and Rhea, the parents of many of the Olympian gods, including Zeus.
The Titans ruled the cosmos before the Olympians.
by ssage March 3, 2013
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A potato that's It just a potato. That's really not good at anything but being a potato
Essence: Titan omg you're such a Titan

Titan: wtf is that supposed to mean.
by Sldvshak December 20, 2016
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Titan is a gay teenager that has been through an adopt me phase. Anyone with the name Titan is absolutely disgraceful and a menace to human society.

Titan is our classmate from our school and he has an addiction to the hit game genshin impact. He is VERY gay and has a crush on levi ackerman. He definitely likes to meow to every hot daddies he sees.

He is a bottom.
Ai: "bro that titan dude has been playing genshin for 6 hours in class."
Kei: "what do you expect? he's gay. he definitely simps for zhongli."
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