Teacher I'd Like to Fuck!

Woah.. Our new teacher is a Tilfs!
by Moronrat April 28, 2016
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Tumbler I'd Like to Fuck, is a motto for tumblr user involved in flirting
she's a tumbler I'd like to fuck, she's a tilf
by anarcosurrealista February 6, 2011
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TILF stands for teen I like to fuck
Omgggggg Nick is such a TILF
by Zefar January 23, 2022
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Teacher I'd like to fuck (Like MILF)
Man thats a TILF
by Seaner112 February 1, 2018
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Twink I would like to fuck. Usually an older gay guy looking for thinks he wants to have sex with.
I saw a TILF in the mall yesterday. I'm going back tomorrow to try to connect
by Rodrimex June 3, 2022
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