Teacher I'd Like to Fuck...often
"Mr. Donovan is quite a TILF...I'd like to take him for a ride."
by capegrl13 May 12, 2005
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ms. hugger is a tilf!!
by prod October 23, 2003
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Teacher I'd Like To Fuck.

An extremly hot teacher, everbody want's to have sex with
Henriette is a tilf, Steeff thinks so
by Shuki May 31, 2006
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Tannie I’d Like to Fuck.

She’s a hot, caffeine addict, cocaine selling irresistible women. Simple
“Have you seen Josh’s aunt?”
Madeleine? Ya brew, she’s a Tilf
by InUrMomsBed.com May 12, 2022
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"Teen I'd Like (to) Fuck"

A variation of milf
by broken44 June 9, 2007
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omg.. kirito is a tilf
by Liric November 8, 2019
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