To be incredibly over powered compared to the average person; to solo 30-man raid bosses using a single skill; a loner that will act independent of others regardless; to not follow the meta game

Reference to a character from Sword Art Online
"This guy thinks he's Kirito"
"He's going Kirito on this thing"

Youtube: Sword Art Online: Kirito VS The Gleam Eyes
by Some animefag July 9, 2013
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I’m Kirito compared to you
by Heathcliff November 12, 2019
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Everyone's god.
The one.
Our religion.
Am i religious?
Yeah of course!
I worship Kirito.
by Kiritoismygod July 20, 2017
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n. Pierrot vocalist. A person that chooses to do things regardless to what others tell him to do; does things to shock. Has a fetish for murder and turtles. Even though he may come off-beat, he produces versatile music and deep, multi-faceted lyrics. Tends to be a workaholic. Has a fascination with the word kichigai. An egotist who strives to do things his way.

Has a strong sense of identity. A dreamer that has a sense of the harsh reality, but has found a way to live his dream. Known to be associated with Kohta, Aiji, Jun and Takeo. Said to be of the house of murata.
To produce such a liberal message in a song is a very Kirito thing to do.
by kichigai December 21, 2004
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The Best Waifu. Best Anime Character From Best Anime. Wife of Megumin.
That guys is a Kirito.
My Waifu is Kirito.
You look like Kirito.
Sword Art Online has the best Kirito ever
by KiritoBest October 25, 2018
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1. A bad fan of anime.
2. A fan of bad anime.
"Dude, he likes Sword Art Online? What a total Kirito."
by FuriousAngle November 6, 2018
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The Dumbest Cunt alive, he thinks hes right 247, he argues at everything and thinks hes amazing, that hes a simple 12 year old fortnite kid that hates anyone who dont share his own opinion.
Jack your being like kirito, arguing over everything and being a dickhead
by X-39 October 24, 2019
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