Your best friend. Yo homie or your homegirl. Your closest friend
DEO goat: luh you twin

Yrg goat: thanks gangy
by DEOZ March 13, 2022
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A person you can not live without a person you can trust with anything a person that is your ride or die somebody that aggravates you but makes you laugh a person that completes you.
"Omg look at my twin."
"Look at my twin slaying."
by Chantiffanei April 30, 2017
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A twin is the one person you absolutly can't stand, but can not live with out. They are always there for you. Always annoying you. The one person you have the closest connection with. You share the same blood, same ideas, same qualities (at different intensity levels), however is usualy the opposite of you with the exception of own personality quarks. Is your sibling, your best friend and worst enemy. Your twin. Your brother or sister. Born at the same time you were. Uncomparable, death contributing love.
I can not stand my twin!

My twin is my best friend.

I love my twin.

If my twin does that one more time, I will hurt someone!
by TheTwinster March 31, 2011
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This person does not have to be related to you by blood. They are someone you cannot live without. You've made that instant connection and it's over. Twins for life. You may get angry or upset at them but they'll always have your back and love you for who you are. You can tell them everything or you can tell them nothing, but they'll understand you regardless. You're more than friends, but less than the other.
Twin 1: "I love coke."
Twin 2: "Oh me too!"
Both: "Twiiiiins!"

And it goes uphill (or downhill) from there.
by TowelFree October 10, 2011
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Honestly the best person you can ever have.
Twin telepathy, similar thinking- everything is amazing about having a twin. <3
by JESSSICA!!! October 21, 2019
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I know we've mentioned soulmates.. have you seen the definition on here for twinflame? I only just read it today.. it's pretty fucking close! Don't get me wrong soulmate.. covers a lot of the ways I think and feel..

But the twinflame connection.. that speaks to me on a different level. When you've said about eye contact where you KNEW what he was thinking, it's not just a thought, you know them in that moment. Even when we were being awkward or quiet with each other.. I KNOW.. we could have shared one look.. out of the blue.. and been instantly in sync

It's not just that emotional synchronicity (that already drives you wild) it's both of you KNOWING just by looking at each other.. into each other.. for literally 1 or 2 seconds.. the moment your hands touch and eyes meet.. the energy flowing between you will be nothing you've ever fucking known
That twinflame connection. It's 2 halves operating on the same frequency.. and I know I've felt barely a fucking fraction of it and it's done this to me

I'm drawn to her.. I've honestly thought sometimes.. it's the thoughts and feelings we have, that when we're in close proximity.. the other is was picking up on them.. does that sound crazy? Like we were somehow emitting some emotional link to each other.. we had no contact.. sometimes not even talking and I still ALWAYS felt this link in her presence..
by 4_u October 9, 2023
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